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Sell your firm

Do what's best for you and your clients.

5 Reasons to trust us with your Firm


Sell to a Firm with Experience in Transitions

We have successfully completed a number of succession plans and firm acquisitions.  Having experienced what works and what doesn't, we will make sure the process is smooth and successful. 


Expert Teams to Better Serve Clients

You can have confidence your clients will be well taken care of after the transition. Our team of tax, investment, and planning experts build close relationships with your clients to make them feel comfortable from day one.


Tax and Financial Planning Expertise

With our in-house team of experts ready to work for your clients, they will experience the benefits of coordinated advice while still feeling like part of a family.


Support Staff to Make Transitions Easier

All transitions come with paperwork and a lot of clients interaction. Our team works with you and your clients, to make everyone feel comfortable and to make sure that everything is taken care of the first time. 


Ability to Provide Up-Front Downpayments

You have worked hard to build your business and get paid. Straight Path has the ability to make up-front down payments, as well as outside finance much of the purchase price if desired. It's up to you!

What You Can Expect

Right Now

A smooth transition

With our experience of previous acquisitions and mergers, along with our transition support team, we make the transition and succession easy for you and your clients. With clear expectations, a defined timeline, and consistent processes, you can be confident the transition will go smoothly.  

Short Term

payments on your schedule

Whether you want a large upfront downpayment or a more gradual payment schedule to optimize your taxes, Straight Path is flexible to create a buy-out structure that matches your desires.

Long Term

confidence your choice was correct

Long-term you want to make sure you maximize your value, but also want to feel confident your clients are happy. With our integrated teams providing high-value advice, your clients will love working with Straight Path, giving you the confidence your legacy lives on. 

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