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Be part of something fun and exciting, while also doing what's best for you and your clients.

8 Reasons to Join Our Firm


More Money Now

With net payouts higher than comparable RIA firms and higher than most broker/dealers, you can earn more money now, while still building value for the future.


You Own Your Clients

They are your clients, not ours. You own the relationships and it should stay that way. This allows you to build long-term business value that can be sold in the future.




Complete Client Transfer Team

Making a switch to an RIA platform can seem daunting. But with a dedicated client transfer team, we handle all the busy work, allowing you to concentrate on providing value to your clients.


Technology that Works

A fully integrated technology platform that actually works. CRM, performance reporting, client portal, robo platform, and financial planning software.


Turnkey Investment Management

Leave the research, trading, and implementation to us. With portfolios rooted in academic research, you can feel confident your clients are getting the performance they expect. 


Full Back Office Support

No more paperwork, compliance, or admin hassles. Our dedicated service team takes away all those hassles allowing to spend time with your clients and growing your business. 


Automated Marketing

At Straight Path, we've created one of the best-automated marketing systems in the RIA space. Using a comprehensive marketing strategy, we drive qualified leads automatically. 


Build Long Term Value

This industry allows you to help clients become successful, while becoming successful yourself through building a business with value. Maximize it by getting a higher multiple at time of sale. 

What You Can Expect

Right Now

The help you need

With a full client transfer team and back office support, making the transition to a fee-only financial planning firm has never been easier. Your clients will experience proactive, responsive service that ensures nothing slips through the cracks.

Short Term

Higher Payouts and more time

Earning more money is important, but so is your time. The combination of our back office team, the integrated technology, and full-service investment management, you will have more time to spend with your clients and building your business. 

Long Term

Higher Business Value

RIA businesses typically get bought at nearly two to three times the average of commission based businesses. So not only do you make more money up front, you build a more valuable business long-term. Additionally, we help build a succession plan to maximize the value you receive.

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