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build A succession Plan

Develop a plan for the future, while still enjoying what you do today.

8 Reasons to Join Our Firm


Guaranteed Buy-Out

Protect what you have worked so hard to build while still working in your business. We work with you to craft a buy-out and succession plan that is on your time and that protects the value of your business. 


Higher Multiple at Time of Sale

Having already joined our team by the time of sale, the likely client retention rate increases. This allows us to pay a higher multiple creating more value to you while allowing your clients to feel comfortable.



Staged Transition to Retirement

Research shows that a sudden transition to full retirement can be unfulfilling and lead to a loss of purpose. With Straight Path, you can gradually transition to the work you enjoy while we handle the hassles.


Eliminate Operations and Administrative Hassles 

No more paperwork, compliance, or admin hassles. Our dedicated service team takes away all those inconveniences allowing you to spend time with your clients and growing your business. 


Potential For Higher Cash Flow Now

With the average RIA profit margins below 50%, by joining Straight Path, you earn more cash today, while also preparing for your future. 


Tax Planning to Provide Better Planning For Clients

Tax planning is a vital piece of a complete financial and retirement plan for clients. With our team of tax experts, you have access to proactive tax consulting, increasing the value and success for your clients. 


Provide Clients with Teams of Experts

There is no need to be on an island without the support of a team behind you. No one can be an expert in everything, so having a team that has different expertise supporting you means can deliver better advice to clients.  


Continue to Do What You Love on Your Terms

Get back to do doing what you love the most and let us handle the hassles and obstacles. Spend more time with your clients, while still freeing up time to do what you want.

What You Can Expect

Right Now

The support you need

With a full client transfer team and back office support, making the transition to a fee-only financial planning firm has never been easier. Your clients will experience proactive, responsive service that ensures nothing slips through the cracks.

Short Term

A win-win for you & Your clients

Whether you want to keep working full-time for a few more years or start a gradual phase-out, our team is here to help you design and execute on your goals. 

Meanwhile, your clients get a high level of financial planning, investment management, and tax preparation and planning setting them up for success. 


Earning more money is important, but so is your time. The combination of our back office team, the integrated technology, and full-service investment management, you will have more time to spend with your clients and building your business. 

Long Term

Realization of all your hard work

After decades of work and long hours, it's your turn to retire just like you planned for your clients. By already being on the Straight Path platform your client's service and planning seamlessly passes on to our highly qualified advisors. And because client retention is likely to be high this equals a higher valuation and more money for the business you worked so hard to build.


RIA businesses typically get bought at nearly two to three times the average of commission-based businesses. So not only do you make more money up front, you build a more valuable business long-term. Additionally, we help build a succession plan to maximize the value you receive.

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